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I feel the need to post this video just so everyone on my dash knows who Garrus is if they don’t already. Because I’m going to be gushing over him. A LOT. And I haven’t even gotten to the second Mass Effect game yet. Which is where this clip is from, bee tee dubs. [If you don’t know what Mass Effect is, it’s a Bioware video game and the woman doing the talking in the video is the player character, Commander Shepard. Shepard is customizable and can be male or female.]

I decided that Kaidan Alenko can go fuck himself because I will NOT do it for him.

It is past 3:30 am, and I have finished my first playthrough of the first Mass Effect

When you’ve been running around the galaxy for hours running random missions waiting to trigger Garrus’s sidequest and you approach him to talk expecting him to brush you off again for his fucking calibrations and he finally asks for your help

And you’re like

And Shepard’s just like

But inside you’re like

When people talk shit about Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2


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JUST REALIZED that my iTunes’ “Recently Added” has Garrus talking about Shepard’s “supportive waist,” immediately followed by “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.”

So I’m watching In and Out (1997, Kevin Kline)

And we’re at the part where Howard’s dad comes up to talk serious business with him because Howard (played by Kevin Kline) just came out at what was supposed to be his wedding. And Kristin starts commenting on his carpet of a chest. Like seriously, it’s just like wisps of white cotton candy trying to escape from under his shirt and slowly advancing on his neck. Like it wants to eat his face. And Kristin is just like “IT’S THE TAINT.” Because I started playing through Dragon Age 2 with her yesterday. ONE DAY, and she’s already making DA2 jokes like a pro. This is why I love this girl.