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I think Dragon Age 2 is kind of inflating my ego

Because every time someone messes with me in-game, I’m like “Don’t you know who I am? I’M THE CHAMPION, BITCH!”





XBOX Live: Progress

omg i love this i love everython

I want fanfic. Now. Please? PLEASE? GOD PLEASE? I’ll trade you. IDK what but I will.

There is silence on the other end of the connection. (Of course there is, Jesus Christ, he had not meant to say that.) On screen, their characters are hovering, rocking back and forth from ball of the foot to heel, waiting for a command. Jason feels like he’s going to vomit, and so he does the only sensible thing and shoots the shit out of Terry’s character.

“What the — ” Terry starts, and then, “God damn it, Jase, we were having a moment.”

"You let your guard down, you die," Jason says, throat dry. "This is war, son. There are no moments in war.”

"Motherfucker," Terry mutters, but he sounds absurdly fond. "That your definition of gentle?"

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